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Top 5 Best Places to Collect Airmiles

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Here is a list of the top 5 places to collect airmiles

5) Liquor Store

This is listed as number 5 only because not all the provinces can collect airmiles from a liquor store. But if you live in Alberta or Ontario you can definitely take advantage of this.

4) Rona

Great for when you're doing home renovations. Basically the same prices as Home Depot but with Airmiles.

3) Westjet

A great company to fly with (or without) airmiles. They're all about comfort and a friendly experience. I'm a HUGE westjet fan! If you're paying for a flight you might as well collect airmiles.

2) Credit Cards

Credit cards are the second best way to collect airmiles fast! You can collect at a rate of $40 per airmile down to $15 per airmile. This works out to a great deal if you're spending lots of money. If you don't have one definitely think about getting one it'll boost your airmiles fast!   More information can be found in my top posts list.

1) Safeway

The single best way to collect airmiles is through Safeway Specials. The number of airmiles posted to the left of this screen are a running tally of specials from Safeway. You'll collect fast and weekly with Safeway specials!


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