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Purchasing Airmiles

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If you're flying someplace and you don't quite have enough airmiles.  One option that you can take advantage of is to purchase the airmiles that you need.


The cost to purchase additional reward miles (airmiles) is $0.30 plus GST per Airmile.   I believe you may need at least half the flight covered with your airmiles and the rest you can purchase.


This is a great option for some people.  However, you must realize a couple of things.   First, you will be paying GST twice.  You will be paying the GST on the Airmiles and the GST on the flight.    Not really a 'huge' deal but still 6% is 6%.     Second, you will be buying airmiles for more money then you can collect threw specials AND without getting a product.   Finally, you must realize that if you keep on collecting you will get that free flight, eventually.    Especially if you follow this site.

 So if you're flying from Vancouver to Calgary at 900 Airmiles.  Let's assume you have only half the Airmiles needed (450).  Then you'll need to purchase 450 Airmiles at $0.30 per airmile, plus GST.   This will cost you $143.10.   You'll then need to redeem the airmiles and pay the associated airmiles fees for flights.    So basically you're spending approximately $70 bucks for each flight.  So if you can find a cheaper flight or a flight close to the same amount book that flight.   Remember you still have to spend your hard earned 450 airmiles.....



I was checking to see how I could use $ plus Reward Miles for a flight. Thanks

I would like to take my son June 10th 2011 to JNB (South Africa) on a safari for graduation, I have 300,000 continental miles but would rather have 2 first class tickets on Delta or South African Airlines..Not sure if I could sell or trade..Thanks

Hi Terry. The best thing to do is use Points.com to trade points… but you’ll have to trade those for Aeroplan as you can’t trade with Air Miles.

But I’d look into flying with those points first.

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