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Safeway Brands Airmiles Event

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Here are the best deals from the Safeway Airmiles Brands Event. This event is a really a great time to pick up normal items that you need around the house while collecting airmiles. I usually pick up a couple of the best deals then do my normal shopping and pick up a few of the deals. It doesn't work out to the best airmiles-to-dollar ratio, but if you're there already and you need the items then why not?

The way you tell if it's a Safeway Brands Event item is there are two ways. First is the brown sign in front of the items. The second is at the customer service or at the checkout there will be an advertising sheet. On the back of this sheet you'll find all the qualifying events.

The best deal this week is Safeway Spray and Shine Shower Cleaner ($2.72) which works out to $0.27 per Airmile.


If you expand that to all items that are $3 this works out to $.30 per airmile! Here are the $3 items!




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