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Make Money Online With John Chow

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Here is the second in the ongoing site review saga.

This weeks topic is how to Make Money Online with John Chow. Sounds like a infomercial or home improvement show which couldn't be further from the truth. John Chow's website is his personal blog, but he's found a way to make money with his blog. Actually he's made an incredible amount of money from his blog. If you're interested in making money online I definitely recommend his site.

The reason I chose this blog to review is a couple of reasons. First, it's one of the most popular blogs on the internet not only for making money but many other topics. Second, his site is based in Vancouver and there are many Vancouver readers. Vancouver as we know is a huge base of people who collect airmiles. This may lead to more people leaving comments and helping this site grow. Thirdly, and most importantly, he has a 'link back' program. If you review his blog he'll link to your site. With the popularity of his site this is a great thing for you as it helps you get more traffic. Look at the big guy helping the little guy. 😉

The site itself is rather strange as it's his personal webpage and money making page. So don't be surprised when you see a food blog or a car blog or a 'review me' blog. These are all things he writes about quite frequently. Personally, I like this change from just being a 'money making blog' as I'd probably lose interest fairly quickly. The site is worth checking out either way.


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