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Dominion Airmiles Coupon & Rexall Coupon

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Here is a coupon for 10X airmiles at A&P, Ultra-foods, Dominion this weekend and a Rexall and Rexall Pharma Plus Coupon.
1) This Dominion food coupon is only valid March31 & April 1st. Get in there and get your 10X Airmiles.


2) The second is Rexall Pharma Plus has a deal where you spend the following and you get an airmiles bonus. Grab the flyer when you enter the door (or talk to customer service).


Went to Dominion April 1, got 89 bonus airmiles, and 12 regular, They are now credited on the site, but neither has hbeen multiplied by 10. Any ideas?

Sally, if you got 12 regular miles I’m assuming you spent 240 dollars. Correct?

If yes, then you should get the 10X airmiles on these as you spent over $100, so you should get 120 miles. They won’t actually give you 10X airmiles on the bonus miles (89 bonus airmiles).

My advice is wait another couple of weeks as sometimes it takes a while for them to credit the ‘extra’ miles. But be sure to keep the receipt as I mentioned in the Keep Track of your airmiles article.

If they don’t credit them by the end of the month i’d call airmiles to get an answer of what’s going on.

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