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Airmiles to Dollars Ratio

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In previous posts I've mentioned the ratio from airmiles to dollars. It's not very complicated but i'll show you how I calculate these numbers and why they're important.

The simple math portion. (Seems like a grade 7 problem, if two trains leave at ....)

If you get 50 airmiles for $5 that works out to $5/50 = $0.10 or 10 cents per dollar.

Now, how do you tell if an airmile deal is good?

Well, most stores will credit you with 1 airmiles per $20 dollars spent and some are obviously more. In this case each airmile is worth twenty dollars. If you can find a deal where you are getting an airmile for less then $20 dollars this is then a good deal.

For example: You grocery shop the first tuesday of each month. You get a choice of 10% off or 10X airmiles (I usually choose the 10% off but i'll explain that in another post). Now let's assume you spend $40 dollars. Normally you'd get 2 airmiles. However, you chose 10X airmiles. So you actually get 20 airmiles. Now each airmile costs $2 dollars. Therefore, it's a better deal then you'd normally get.

What i'm telling you though. is by simply following this website. I will show you how to get airmiles for less then one dollar. Typically I won't even post a deal unless it's less then 50 cents per airmile. So stay tuned and watch your Air Miles grow!


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