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2007 March | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Dominion Airmiles Coupon & Rexall Coupon

Here is a coupon for 10X airmiles at A&P, Ultra-foods, Dominion this weekend and a Rexall and Rexall Pharma Plus Coupon.

Totem Airmiles Bonus

Totem Building Supplies currently has a big Airmiles promotion going on. From now till April 22nd, go in and get lots of extra airmiles. The best thing to do is pick-up a flyer when you go in the door to make sure you get the coupons. Possible deals to take advantage of…. Double Bonus Airmiles […]

Safeway Wine & Spirits

If you’re from Alberta and you buy your liquor at Safeway this is a pretty good promotion to take advantage of. Earn up to 250 Airmiles.

Safeway Brands Event

The Safeway Brands Event is back on this week. These deals are valid from now till April 6th, 2007. The safeway brands event is great because any participating Safeway product works. Although, i’m posting the best deals I often buy the best deals then do my normal shopping to pick up some bonus airmiles.

Safeway Weeks Best Deals

Sorry for the delay, but here are the best deals of the week. These deals are good from March 25th – March 31st, 2007. A couple of good deals this week.

Gold Mosaik Airmiles Credit Card

This is the final review of the Mosaik Airmiles Credit Cards. The first two reviews were on the Bronze Mastercard and the the Silver Credit Card. The Gold Mosaik Airmiles Mastercard is the most expensive card, however, you also get to reap the rewards. Again this is the card that is offered through the Westjet […]

Dominion Food – Coupon

Here’s a coupon to A&P, Dominion, Ulta-Food & Drug for those of you who live in Ontario (not availble to Thunder Bay). The coupon is good for 5 airmiles when you buy $50 in food. So if you’re already shopping there then this is a perfect coupong for you. Otherwise use it when you shop […]

Pharmacy Bonus Day / Westjet Sale

Remember as I mentioned HERE, today is the Airmiles promotion to get 10 X Airmiles at the Pharmacy The other news is looks like Westjet has another seat sale to the US. The sale is depending where you’re flying from. Calgary to LAX is $114… Also, if anyone has any special requests email me. I […]

Airmiles and Liquor

If you live in Ontario you already know that you can collect Airmiles with the LCBO. They also have a promotion going on where you buy certain types of liquor you’ll get bonus airmiles. The best deals that I found are the following. Disaronno Amaretto – $33 = 15 Airmiles Prince Igor Vodka – $33.35 […]

Buy $250 get 600 Airmiles

For you Vancouver Airmiles Collectors. “Canoe” over at redflagdeals.com mentioned that the Bayside Safeway in Tswassen has the promotion of buy $250 in groceries and get 600 Airmiles. This works out to $0.42 per airmile! This is a really good deal especially if you’re stocking up on other airmiles deals. Not sure how long this […]