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Shell Gas Easypay

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Something I just came accross is the Shell easyPAY. Shell will credit you with 25 Air Miles after each 5 transactions. So for every 5 transcations, ie: buying gas or making a purchase above $20 dollars.

The easyPAY is a little key chain thing that you simply swipe in front of the gas pump. Or at the store you swipe it infront of another machine. You are billed directly to your credit card and your airmiles are added automatically. This works best with the an Airmiles Credit Card which I will talk about at a later date.

Not sure if these are in addition to the other 25 airmiles. But, you get 5 airmiles for your first transaction and 10 airmiles for your second transaction. Worth it if you already buy gas at Shell

easyPAY key chain


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