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Safeway Weekly Special

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Last post I mentioned the Safeway Brand Events. Today I'll discuss the weekly specials.

This week runs from Sunday, Feb 25th to Saturday night, March 3rd. Be sure to take this and the last deal before those dates.

The deal this week is buy 8 get 50 airmiles. The best possible deal dollar-wise is the Fish Crackers. However, you can add another items (not quite as good of a deal) that qualify such as V8 Juice or select Campbell's products.

Fish Crackers

Fish Crackers - 8 for 50 airmiles. Works out to $0.32 per Air Mile


why am I not receiving the weekly special coupons by email anymore?

Hi Carl,

I’m not exactly sure why the coupons aren’t being emailed to you. I’m still receiving mine.

Good luck.

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