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Safeway Brands Event – Best deal

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The Safeway Brands Event is back on at Safeway. This is the event where you buy 5 participating Safeway products and you get 50 airmiles. And any 5 participating products count! I usually pick-up 3 or so of the best deals and then get another 2 items that I needed in the house already.

Best deal this week

Safweay Select Hot-Dog Buns, $1.99.

Buy 5 for 50 AM's. Works out to 20 cents per Airmile!


Other deals that are considered o.k. are anything that costs $3 or less. This includes


Until Mar 25, 2007 there is actually a far greater deal. Sometimes at stores you can pick up a glossy sheet that contains all the Safeway/Generic products that are included in the 5 for 50 deal. Not all of these products have the 5 for 50 tab near them on the shelf. So, you can get Generic Mac & Cheese (200g) at $0.59 each. Buy 5 for $2.95. That’s 50 Airmiles for $2.95. Which is $29.50 for 500 Airmiles. If you have a Mosaic Card and only need 1600 miles to travel anywhere in N. America, you can have your plane ticket for $94.40 (less if you can include your purchase as part of ‘spend $100 get 100 miles deal’). I bought lots and will be donating it.

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